What is DDR Memory? 什么是DDR存储器

Double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory, or DDR SDRAM for short, is a type of computer memory used in Pentium III or higher computers. DDR RAM is the computer’s primary working memory, storing program instructions and data for use by the central processing unit (CPU) through the bus controller. DDR memory belongs to the dual in-line memory module (DIMM) architectural family and is a faster form of SDRAM.


Each module of ddr memory has one notch on the connecting side and two notches on the side that attach to latches on the PC motherboard to hold it in place. DDR RAM can come in either single-sided or double-sided chip configurations. Desktop DDR has 184 pins, as compared to 168 pins on SDRAM. Laptop versions, called SO-DIMMs, contain 200 pins.


There are three major types of ddr ram. DDR or DDR1, has clock speeds ranging from 100Mhz up to 200 Mhz. The 240-pin DDR2 supersedes DDR1 and quadruples the speed of SDRAM, peaking at 266MHz. DDR3, a 240-pin module, uses less power and transfers data eight times faster than SDRAM. DDR3 is also the most expensive and least common of theddr memory types.


In addition to speed, ddr memory also uses less power than SDRAM, operating at 2.5V (2.6V for DDR-400) compared to the 3.3V of SDRAM. A spinoff of DDR for mobile devices, called MDDR, uses considerably less voltage than desktop ddr memory.


  双数据率同步动态随机存储器,或 DDR SDRAM 的简称,是一种用于奔腾III或更高的计算机内存。 DDR 内存是计算机的主要工作存储器,存储程序指令和数据使用的中央处理单元(CPU)通过总线控制器。 DDR内存属于双列直插内存模块(DIMM)的构造体系也是一个更快的SDRAM形式。


DDR内存的 每个模块有一个缺口在连接端和两个缺口,连接到PC主板上的插销固定侧。  DDR RAM可以是单面或双面芯片配置。桌面 DDR 184针,168针的SDRAM相比。笔记本电脑的版本,称为SO-DIMM内存,包含200个引脚。


  DDR RAM三大类型。 DDR DDR1,已从100MHz的时钟速度高达200 MHz240DDR2取代DDR1 SDRAM的速度增加,最高的DDR3240针模块,使用更少的功率和传输数据的速度快八倍比SDRAMDDR3也是最昂贵的和最常见的DDR内存类型。


除了速度之外, DDR内存也采用 SDRAM的功率较小,工作在2.5V2.6V ddr-400)相比,SDRAM3.3V。这是 DDR 移动设备,称为MDDR,使用时比电脑 DDR内存电压要小。